Shawn Mendes Netflix Documentary Review

Savannah Hutchins

As we all know, Shawn Mendes is a very skilled and hard working Canadian artist. His vocal range takes the world by storm every time he sings, and it isn’t always a song, it could simply be something else: a word or a melody. His self titled new album “Wonder” being turned into a documentary. Personally written by himself his album has a lot very special effects in his life. Mendes states “This is not a story about a famous musician, it’s a story about a man growing up”. Shawn clearly writes almost all of his songs such as about his love for the singer Camila Cabello which is addressed in the documentary. His empowering and motivational documentary is set to air on Monday November 23, 2020 on Netflix. Many of his fans can’t wait to see it because we get a deeper look at how creates some really great music while he is on a 104 show tour!! Can you believe that?!! Shawn says that he loves his fans and touring but sometimes it can be overwhelming because of the strain and sickness it can have on him. During his tour, he had a scary moment that could have affect his voice. Mendes also reacted to this on the YouTube channel trailer saying, “You first get on the stage, and the ego comes rushing in” it goes “Don’t mess up” then about 30 seconds in, you go “Oh, yeah, I’m just a guy and I love music”. His truth, his dream, his persona, everything he works for is for the moment of wanting to do it all over again and it feels like a dream he doesn’t want to give up. He doesn’t believe all his favorite idols were born legendary. He believes that working towards becoming legendary takes a toll and steps but it’s not about the success, it’s about the dream and how much you’ve worked for these moments you’ve been chasing in life. Shawn Mendes: Musician, Activist, Songwriter and Motivator is IN WONDER FOREVER !