The Covid-19 Blues

Natalee Urbasek

Does Covid-19 have you down? Nowhere to go? Well, let me tell you what creative things people found to occupy their time. Cooking, baking, working out, those are just a few things people tried. If those aren’t for you then let me tell you what other hobbies people developed during this time. Listed below are just a few hobbies people told me about.

Many people have started sewing again or just learned how to sew. You can create or re-create clothes or other fun projects. There are many benefits in learning how to sew. It can help save money by being able to make or fix altercations, it nurtures your creative side by making your own clothes. This also helps with your sense of accomplishment to know that you made something you designed. Did you know that it can also help your health? Studies have shown that it can help with hand to eye coordination, maintain proper posture, lower your blood pressure. It’s not an expensive hobby, unless you plan on doing complex projects or buying a sewing machine. You can find sewing tutorials on YouTube to help you get started.

This is another great hobby people learned during Covid-19. You might just think its as easy as putting some paint on a canvas. Well, its a little more than just paint. There are so many great and helpful videos on YouTube. You need to know what type of paint you want to use and also the right kind of brushes. This isn’t a terribly expensive hobby, however you’ll spend money on the canvases. You will also need a room that has great lighting. Painting helps to stimulate the imagination and relaxes the brain. 

As you are aware, going to the grocery store became an adventure during Covid-19. Many people made monthly trips instead of weekly. I heard about a group of people, who lived in an apartment complex. They formed their own community of helpers. Each apartment took their turn helping each other. Grocery lists were made and items were picked up, rides to appointments, Kids were picked up from school and watched until their parents got home. They became each others extended family, instead of just neighbors. So as you can see, people found very creative ways to stay busy during Covid-19. As you can see, each of these hobbies are very different from each other, yet they are a stress reliever for an unusual year.