Indoor Dining With Covid-19

Antonio Garcia

With Dining In not allowed at the start of 2021 the decision made by the governor of Illinois JB Pritzker and the state of Illinois, there has been a slight relief for small businesses in the Joliet area, before COVID started many new small businesses had a ton of success getting the community together for a bite every other afternoon until COVID came and unfortunately, many small businesses in the area were out of business and struggling during these times. With  small businesses struggling, people are trying to help support the businesses helping them stay in business. Many small businesses are personally owned and are known as a local to many people in the area. 

I had the opportunity to interview and give the spotlight to a small business in the Plainfield/Joliet that is known to many. This small business is called Giordano’s, they are a pizza restaurant and are known highly for their deep dish pizza in the Chicago land area, with valentines recently passing, Giordano’s offers a special 3 day valentine’s deep dish pizza, with the valentine’s day occurring. I visited Giordano’s on this special day, they had servers and were handing out balloons to guests on this special day. 

The capacity at Giordano’s of Plainfield had a limit of 25 and all COVID procedures were followed with tables being cleaned after use and sprayed down and cleaned with a clean rag, it was a special day for the small business and for the people enjoying this special day. It was a success for the small business as they were packed on valentines day. 

I interviewed the current manager at Giordano’s. The manager who goes by the name of Paco, had mentioned that today was a really special day. “Me and the other workers are working each day to satisfy the clients.” He said, he also mentioned that the main goal for this special day was to enjoy it and do what they do best, make clients happy.  It was the busiest day of the year for them. Giordano’s offers a variety of foods. Such as both Deep Dish and Thin Crust Pizza and they offer a variety of sandwiches and other delicious side dishes to go along with pizza. I recommend going here as they truly offer what any other pizza place has to offer and this small business goes above and beyond for their customers.