Valentine’s Day Cards Sent to Hospital’s

Maria Magouirk

On valentines day many people send valentines day cards to children’s hospitals or can make digital ones. Some of the teachers at schools are even recommending students to send some to the children. The valentines day cards go to children that are sick and in hospital. You can either write or digitally create one and include your own little message. On some sites you can make cards to certain hospitals and can choose to either write something of your own saying or have a pre-written card. Depending on the hospital the valentines day cards can be worth money and each card sent can raise money for the hospitals. For example, at the children’s hospital of Los Angeles for every card that was sent by February 21, 1$ would be donated to thee children’s fund. Some of the hospitals have written cards too such as Arkansas children’s, Boston’s children hospital trust in Massachusetts, children’s health in Texas, Children’s hospital Los Angeles in California, Children’s national health system in Washington D.C, Cincinnati children’s hospital in Ohio, etc., and you can get all the links to those by going on the site Since the patients in the hospital can’t spend valentine’s day at home or in a classroom they are stuck in the hospital and sending a card to them would surely brighten up their day. The children are receiving the cards and other things such as bears and goody bags the patients forget that they are even in a hospital and it helps keep their mind off of that. At the hospital of St. Jude’s they usually receive 50,000 donations and cards a year but thanks to a shoutout about the event and sending cards from celebrities on twitter the hospital has gotten 120,000 donations and cards.