Hispanic Heritage


Starting on September 15th, all throughout October 15th, Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated. During these dates, we unite and praise any and all hispanic or latino roots. With more than twenty different countries being honored, some including: Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Venezuela, along with many others. During this month, Central hosted different events for students to participate in. Some included wearing your favorite soccer jersey. Other activities offered students the opportunity to win prizes in return for knowing the answers to some Hispanic history trivia. During the month of September, Mexican Independence Day was held on the 17th. Prior to the day, our steelman sold t-shirts a couple days before, with a white t-shirt design and the phrase, “Viva Mexico Y Los Steelmen”,  printed on it along with the Joliet Central Steelmen holding the Mexican flag and wearing a couple of sombreros. On said day, many students were visibly wearing their hispanic inspired attire. Attire such as belts and boots, and Mexican-styled dresses. Around the school, many hispanic inspired decorations were put up. Some being in the TNI, evn our Steelmen statue too was decorated. It was decorated with colorful tissue paper flowers, even more colorful banners, some Mexican panochos, and a scarf. Another chance to display hispanic/latino cultures was presented during the Poms performance at the Powderpuff game, in which Dayanna Martinez carried the Mexican flag, and other girls too showed flags of their countries. It was beautiful seeing the whole school come together and celebrate our differences to honor our roots.