Peace Rally

Miriam Hernandez

Amidst all the violence and hate that a small percentage of Joliet Central students have been portraying, a larger number of teachers, students, and parents have gathered together to display the opposite. On Tuesday, October 12th, Joliet Central held the Peace Rally after school. Coming back to school mid-August, an outrageous number of fights broke out between students for weeks, an average of about three fights per day. Many alumni and staff did not appreciate the fact that everyone was perceiving Central in this bad light. In order to change their perceptions, the Peace Rally was made so that anyone watching could see that it’s only a few that are making the whole JTHS community appear badly. It was a great turnout as well! A variety of clubs came together to unite, including: Human Relations, Fearless Females, Brother 2 Brother, and many more. Everyone who attended the rally wanted to prove that there are, in fact, good people in this community. Signs were held up, displaying messages such as, “Stop the violence, stop the hate” or “Si se puede!”. Marching around Central, students were chanting, “Show me what a Steelmen looks like! This is what a Steelmen looks like! When I say more, you say peace!”. Cars passing by would honk their horns and the cheers would only grow louder. This event was filled with positivity and encouragement, with everyone showing off their Steelmen pride. Joliet Township High Schools have been shown to have a “dark cloud hanging over us”. But a storm only lasts so long. Behind the clouds is a rainbow, the rainbow representing the students who actually do care about the school and are following the rules. Those who are actually coming to school for the right reasons. That was the message that was successfully sent out during the Peace Rally.