Fright Fest


Giovanni Acosta

With Halloween coming around, crowds start to form at Six Flags for the one and only Fright Fest. At Fright Fest, your biggest fears appear real as guests get scared from killer clowns, hungry zombies, thirsty vampires, and much more! Six Flags has all types of Halloween decorations throughout the theme park, as well as Halloween themed music playing to get into that chilling and scary atmosphere. And no Halloween themed event would be complete without a haunted house. One popular haunted house at Six Flags is the 13th Order. Inside, guests are greeted with what seems like Jason Voorheese from Friday the 13th. The actor follows you, trying to scare you with his intimidating machete prop. The actors definitely do a great job at trying to make guests scream, yell, cry and also shake. It gets so terrifying to the point where there are kids and even adults that want to get out.  You just don’t know what monster or killer is going to pop up from behind and scare you to death. Couples hold onto each other, kids cry to get out, groups of girls scream their heads off and everyone else just tries to stay calm or not show the fact that they’re scared for dear life. Every turn you take is a new fright, and there’s no escaping it until you leave the 13th Order. The haunted house in total takes about 10 minutes to walk through., making it the most petrifying 10 minutes of your life.