Fall Awards Night


Jocelyn Montesinos

The fall awards night focuses on rewarding and recognizing student athletes on their effort and performance throughout their sport season. There were many great nominees this year for the Blue and Gold awards. The awards included: Moment of the season which went to the girls golf in the Southwest Prairie Conference, Unsung Hero of the Season award went to Mia Hromek, Female Underclassmen award going to Jersey Hauert, Male Underclassmen of the year awarded to Brody Walsh, High Academic athlete going to Joshua Walsh, and last but not least, Assistant Coach of the Season awarded to Coach O’Connell from the girls golf. Coaches from the cross country, girls golf, boys golf, football, and volleyball all gave wonderful and touching speeches. The different sports teams went to separate places in the school for individual awards where athletes were able to enjoy time together and share their favorite memories of the season. Parents and fellow students came and supported Central’s athletes on this important night.  “I want students to be recognized,” says the athletic director, Mr. Pereiro, “After 9 or 10 years of not being able to do this event, and also because of the events of 2020, it is great to do this again”. This is the first year of the blue and gold awards which makes it even more special. Every moment of these sports are memorable and special. “It is important to recognize the other stories of the season too.”  says Mr. Pereiro ends with the quote “It was a fantastic night.”