Invest More Money Into Academics

Evelin Jimenez

Why should we invest in education? If you were to ask someone, they would all have different answers. Some might say that we shouldn’t, while others might say that we should invest the money elsewhere. Whatever you think the answer might be, it’s important to note that education is important and should be valued. A lot of people think that education isn’t important and is not needed, but the truth is that education is very important; almost all jobs (nurse, doctor, police officer, etc.) require a high school diploma or higher education. When people think about education, they picture a high school, college, or university. We should put money on important things such as better or newer textbooks. Students need better access to the proper resources to succeed in tests and more importantly, in life. If you look at a school district and look at all the schools that are within, you will see that there are schools that have higher test scores. This is typically due to the fact that they have more access to better teachers and resources. To get a second opinion on this, an interview was conducted with Veronica Jimenez. She has been a teacher for 10 years. She was asked the question, “So Veronica, why should we invest in education?”. Miss Jimenez replied, “because the future of society relies on these students, they need a good education so that they can be smart and productive”.