It’s Going To Be Fall Again!


Laritza Perez

It’s that time of the year again when the trees start to change and autumn begins. The season of autumn is well known for being the season that transitions between summer and winter into a smooth outcome of both. Fall is known to be one of the coziest seasons as it’s not too warm or too cold to dress up. Lowering temperatures start to come in after the summer heat with cool breezes to refresh you after a warm day. Trees and plants begin their color-changing leaves, gradually losing chlorophyll during the season, preparing their leaves to fall. The warm comforting feeling of taking a walk around the area with beautiful leaves. Some are changing color and some have already fallen, bringing one peace and happiness to make warm memories of the season. Numerous people say beautiful forests hold memories and wisdom there, helping bring peace of mind while walking around, and enjoying the presence of nature. The season of autumn also reminds us of change and memories, bringing us memories we had of summer and memories to make for winter. Autumn is widely known in the United States to be the ‘season of harvest’ and is popular with its pumpkin sweets. Many enjoy the flavor of pumpkin in their coffee as a syrup or use pumpkin to bake sweets. On a primary point, take autumn to be the season to enjoy activities and spend time with friends and family before a snowy blizzard causes one to cancel plans. Celebrate the holidays that fall comes with and find peace, if not already with yourself, and find comfort in the littlest things autumn comes with. Enjoy the beauty that nature brings.