Nope: Movie Review

Janelle Sanchez

The movie Nope starts off introducing two siblings, OJ, and Emerald, along with their father, Otis Haywood. The trio help run a horse ranch in California when they discover something sinister in the sky. Jordan Peele is the director of well-known movies such as Nope, Get Out, Candyman, Toy Story 4, Rick and Morty, etc. His movie Get Out skyrocketed and earned him to be the first African-American to win an Academy Award for “Best Original Screenplay”. Overall, the movie has a 2.8-star rating with 82% rotten tomatoes. People have mixed emotions about this film. One review gave the movie a 5 star saying, “Another success from Jordan Peele in this unusual horror and sci-fi combination. Nope is full of messages and metaphors that are hinted at and referenced throughout the film which add to the experience. What I found most entertaining was an almost completely familiar monster changed into something completely original. I have to give props to the designers of this thing as I have never seen anything like it and it single-handedly filled me with fear, mystery, and confusion.” Another reviewer gave the film a 1-star rating, explaining “I just want to start off by making it clear that, for several months, I had been eagerly anticipating the release of this film”. Many fans absolutely loved Us and Get Out and while some expected to love Nope as well, they were met with disappointment. “I went with my family members to see this film, and as long-term Jordan Peele fans, we couldn’t have been more let down”. The film itself has mixed reviews regarding the character choices, scenes, and more. Of course, people have different opinions of what they liked and disliked.