A Night On Halloween

Amanda Thorn

A stormy Halloween night in the 1990s went differently for this friend group when they decided to go to a Halloween party instead of going trick-or-treating like they were supposed to. 

“Ugh, I don’t want to do this anymore. All my face paint is gone, and my whole costume is wet!” Juana said. “I have a Halloween party we could go to instead and it’s indoors”. 

They all agreed and began walking to the party. 

“Are we almost there?!” Kai asked.

 “Right. My legs hurt and we’ve been walking for an hour already.” Julie said.

 “Oh my god guys, calm down. It’s right there.” Lorenzo said, pointing to an all-black house with no lights or Halloween decorations. 

“Um, I don’t know about this,” Alma said.

 “It’s fine. We’ve gotten too far to give up.” Lorenzo responded. They got to the house and knocked, no response from the door. They decided to open the door and it was unlocked. No one was in the house. They all looked at each other and went. The door slammed loudly behind them. They all turned around in terror. While turning back to look at one another, they heard a scream and they saw that Kai was gone! They searched throughout the whole house, splitting up. They all met back up with one another and saw that now Juana was gone! They all started panicking and trying to get the door to open but it was locked. They all started screaming for help but no one answered.

 “What do we do!?” Lorenzo asked.

 “I don’t know, we searched the whole house and they are nowhere to be found!” Julie said. A few seconds later they heard a creepy laugh.

 “You won’t find them ever again.” 

They all started searching for their phones, which were also gone. Now they lost two of their friends and they can’t even call for help. About 10 minutes go by and Alma needs to go to the bathroom. She didn’t tell anyone and just went. A few minutes passed by and Lorenzo and Julie realized she never came back. They go look for her and like the others, she was nowhere to be found. They start to freak out and look for any sign of where they went. They find a light switch near the kitchen and they switch it on. When they looked up they saw the whole kitchen was covered in blood and sitting on the counters tied up with duct tape on their mouths was all of their friends. They freak out and run to help them.

 “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH THEM OR YOU’RE NEXT!” The creepy voice says.

 Julie and Lorenzo look at each other and back at their friends who were signing for them to run away. They do but the door is still locked. They found a rock on the floor and threw it at the window. It shatters and Julie and Lorenzo run out.


They ran as fast as they could and they found a police officer and told him everything. They get in the car and go to the house. The police barge in with big flashlights getting all the friends who aren’t harmed. 

“You guys should’ve never come over here. Everyone that goes to this so-called ‘party’ goes missing and is never found ever again. There is a serial killer that lives in this abandoned house that every year around Halloween makes a so-called ‘party’ and invites everyone. Consider yourself lucky you guys were found and unharmed.” 

Moments later the guy that was in the house with everyone was taken out by officers in handcuffs. 

“I will be back for you guys. You just made it even worse for yourselves.” He said as he sat down in the cop car. All the friends look at one another and quickly start walking home.

 “Lorenzo, we are never going to another one of your parties again.”