Dia De Los Muertos

Mariana Zamudio

November 1st & 2nd of every year is well known as the “Day of the Dead” but it goes back over 3,000 years to celebrate those who have passed. To still honor those who have passed, people used this day to have a family reunion to commemorate their ancestors or family members who have passed. It is believed that on this day, the border between the spirit and the living world dissolves, giving those who have passed the chance to come and visit. The Day of the Dead is a meaningful time of the year to set up an ofrenda, meaning offering, with pictures filled with all those who have passed. In some households, family members put their favorite drinks and food, with snacks being an option. This day dates back to the Aztecs, who for not just a couple of days but an entire month dedicated just those to who have passed away. Marigold, a famous flower, is often called the “flower of the dead” because it is bright orange the fragrance attracts souls to the altar. Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the dead is a good way to remember your family and not just forget about them as the years pass by of them being passed away. Companies, like Disney, wish to share the day and other customs in Hispanic culture through movies such as Coco. The creators helped portray key aspects through an intriguing storyline, bringing families together and helping expand their knowledge of the world.