That ‘90s Show

Jocelyn Mora

When that 90’s show first came out initial reactions were, “No way!”,  and “is it even going to get attention?!”, but before anyone knew it, many people were talking about it. Watching this not only made viewers feel old but was very nostalgic, it’s said to remind people of the good old days when they were younger. At first,` the show starts slow, but after ten episodes of the show, it gets interesting. The amount of drama teenagers have is astounding, but it’s clear the producers reference That ‘70s Show especially during a scene when Eric said his dad’s famous phrase to his daughter, which had viewers stunned and laughing, like father like son. Another full circle moment would be in the final episode of season one where Leia and Nate have a moment like Jackie and Hyde which leaves the audience on a cliffhanger, such a weird predicament for the viewers. 

Although the audience may have expected more of the old cast in the show, everything fit in especially with the time frame, which provided a sense of what the 90s could have been like. Some of the audience had a few complaints about some of the plot but in reality, there are more questions that need answers. Whatever happened to Eric’s older sister, why wasn’t Hyde in this new series, etc., but a bigger question is when will we get another season? To conclude, this show was well received by viewers and is said to deserve more episodes.