Summer Break

Byanca Perez

As April is ending and May is approaching, it’s the time of year when most kids are excited because it’s the end of the school year. This means summer break is coming and students are free from school.  For many students’ summer break starts at the end of May or early June. Summer break typically lasts about 2 months and ends around August. Leading up to spring break is when students take finals, and tests, pick their classes for next year or plan for graduation. Sometimes during the school year, days get canceled for things such as snow days or trouble in school, students and staff will have to make it up and won’t get out of school until late May or early June. 

During this time students take the time to go on vacations and enjoy their time off school. They also hang out with friends since they don’t see them every day in school. Some may go to parties, just hang out with them or go to stores to shop. Some students may not have a long summer break and could be in summer school to make up for any failed classes. They could also take classes early to shorten their schedule. Summer school can go anywhere from 2 weeks to a month which can take away a great amount of summer break. Many kids do good in school because they want to enjoy their 2 months summer break by having fun with friends and family, without having to worry about school.