Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Laritza Perez

As the winter season ends, the seasonal chills turned into thrills for Springs’s arrival! With many opportunities arriving with the new season change, and a drastic climate change, spring has arrived to blossom all around us. This occurs when the earth’s axis points towards the sun, causing the summer season hemisphere. When the earth’s axis is pointed away from the sun, it’s the winter hemisphere. Midway through both of these are spring and autumn. More daylight time has been convenient for people to have better use of their time during the day to do everyday life activities and socialization. With clear weather, it provides for a more easy-going morning routine for Illinoians. Having a very bipolar climate in Illinois, this season makes it more predictable and less complicated to prepare for everyday life routines. Having an umbrella or jacket handy for a sudden change in weather is convenient and recommended. 

Plants arrive back from dormant and begin to sprout again. Trees start producing leaves again and start producing higher levels of oxygen, unlike during winter when they produce more carbon dioxide. This also means that plants release more pollen during sporing but cause allergy season. Animals start waking up from hibernation after sleeping all winter, emerging for the new season. And returning animals such as birds migrating back to their habitat, and coming back to chirp by your window.