Girls Bowling

Yanni Ovalle, Reporter

Bowling isn’t just something people do to hang out with their friends on the weekend to socialize and have fun. It is also one of the several winter sports available to girls at Joliet Central High School. The sport itself requires certain techniques and skills which can only be acquire through good coaching and practice. It challenges the girls not only physically, but also mentally. Just like in any other sport the girls have to maintain a certain grade point average to be eligible to participate in matches/tournaments. It requires the player to have a good and healthy diet, especially before a competition. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask the head coach Tammie Terry a few questions regarding this upcoming season.

Q: How many girls are on the team?

A: “We just had tryouts on Monday and posted who made the team today. There are a total of 19 girls on the team.”

Q: Who`s the varsity coach?

A: “I am the head coach.”

Q: How many seniors are on the team?

A: “There is one senior on the team this year. Her name is Karla Contreras.”

Q: What are the coach`s expectations for this season compared to last season?

A: “They really have not changed. My expectation is that the student on the team are dedicated and will try their best and have fun.”