To be successful…

Martina Lohmar, Possible 2017-2018 Editor

Success is a hard road to travel down; everyone envisions their main goal in life at least a few times. Many changing their directions and views as time goes on. So we begin our journey one day, some accelerating right in, others just coasting; preparing for the obstacles soon ahead. Everyone will endure the twist, turns, and bumps throughout their expedition, it truly depends on how you interpret and handle them making it that much harder yet easier. Although we may have, all began this one time or another in our lives, not everyone is meant to go the whole way, inevitable delays become prominent in our lives, causing us a detour. Some may travel, though the obstacles achieved have left them so mentally and physically exhausted making them stop and take a break. For others they may just fall short and become uninterested with the set goal. You solely also have the power of what your life may contain when traveling down this road, who will be with you? Which of your friends will be the one helping to push you over the greatest obstacles. Will that same person be able to keep you on the road to success rather than persuading you into a short cut? These are your decisions, what obstacles will you overcome, which you are going to veer around and miss. I truly believe that everyone will achieve his or her own form of success, may be changing the direction a few times or by completely changing the path. Every road to success is different, it is your decision, which one you will take, and how you would like to handle it.

My name is Martina Lohmar, I am a freshman and interested in becoming an editor in my coming years of  high school for the JTC Journal. I was first interested in the class after hearing and seeing what my sister had done during her three years. Becoming an editor would allow me to express my creativity and passion. Over the past semester I have enjoyed my time being a reporter, and have created a passion for writing.