New Beginnings

Andrew Antich, Reporter

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As I get ready to graduate high school, and move on to the next chapter of my life, I have mixed emotions. Part of me is happy to move on to college and pursue my career, but another part of me is sad to leave behind Joliet Central. Senior year may be the “end,” but it is in fact the beginning, the beginning of a newly independent life. After I graduate, I will be attending JJC for my gen eds; after that, I will be going to YSU in Ohio to get my Nursing degree. The advice I would give to my freshman, sophomore, and junior peers is to not hesitate to try something new. You will probably find that as soon as senior year begins, the symptoms of senioritis will begin to show. My vital advice to you is overcoming those thoughts as soon as possible, and you should make the most of your senior year. Also, join a new club, meet new friends, and just enjoy yourself. Lastly, make sure you have goals that mean something to you, and work your hardest to accomplish them. If you want to accomplish your goals, give it your all. Although it will not always be easy and you might not always enjoy it, it will all be worth it when you reach that goal.

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