Pink Heals


Amya Ramirez, Reporter

Pink Heals is an event held for breast cancer awareness. It involves a volleyball game with the teams of Central and West competing. Both schools’ volleyball teams sold t-shirts to raise money for cancer patients. The shirts were 12 dollars each. Most of the money raised stays in the community for people who need help with cancer. This year, everyone raised over 10,000 dollars, with Central who sold 717 shirts. The game this year was held at West, and the varsity game started at 6:30pm on Thursday September 28th. Both Central and West played very well in the varsity and Jr. varsity games. West did, however, win the varsity game. It was 25-23 for the first part of the game and 25-8 for the second half of the game. I interviewed one of the team captions on the varsity volleyball team. Her name is Anna Breausche. I asked how she thought her team played on the 28th. Anna said, “I think we played really well, we kept our energy up. We really wanted to win and the fan section really helped keep us motivated and kept us going”. She said that they have good teamwork and that they could have won, but they just made simple mistakes such as miscommunication. I also asked what the team can do next year to win and Anna said, “they can practice hard every day and mentally prepare, and go out and really want to win.”