Powder Puff


Stefanie Jimenez, Reporter

If you thought last year’s powder puff game was intense, this year’s powder puff game was filled with enthusiastic players from both the Juniors and Seniors side in the game. The powder puff game is an annual flag football game between the Juniors and Seniors during homecoming week. At last year’s game, the Seniors took the win. However, it was close for the Juniors to take the victory this year. Before the game started, each team were getting their final preparations done. Both Juniors and Seniors came out with a lot of energy. The first touchdown was made by the Juniors and the crowd went wild. Seniors caught up with Juniors with two more touchdowns and making the score 12-7. As the first quarter came to an end, everyone took a break as the Dude Squad came onto the field to perform. Dude Squad this year was incredible, they amazed the audience and the players with their spectacular dance moves. The Dude Squad have worked hard to keep people entertained during halftime. After the halftime show, the game resumed, both teams put their best effort into the last minutes of the game to win. The Juniors scored a touchdown and have the upper hand now, the score at 12-14. The Juniors defensive line put up a good fight to keep the Seniors from scoring. However, at the last minute the Seniors scored a touchdown and had won the game 18-14. The remaining of the Seniors ran into the field to celebrate their victory. While the Juniors are able to redeem themselves next year, our Senior lady Steelmen can celebrate their victory throughout their last year at Joliet Central.