Mr. and Ms. J 2019


Grace Wright, Reporter, News Editor

As of April 23, 2019, the traditional Mr. and Ms. J ceremony took place at the Jacob Henry Mansion. Through long and notorious trials, the finalist of ten girls and ten boys were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief as the title of Mr. and Ms. J were awarded. Each nomination had proven themselves worthy by not only being able to maintain a GPA for 3.5 or high, but also being able to express their skills in leadership, responsibility, and passion. Through all four years of high school, they have continuously been an active member in the Joliet community; helping out from tutoring fellow students, to volunteering at shelters. There is no doubt that each participant could have been awarded the title, but two rose above the others. This year Mr. J is Nathaniel Schultz followed by first place runner up Benjamin Chambers and second place runner up Danial Hamidi. The other finalist for Mr. J consists of Justin Baran, Francisco Chavez, Alexander Gregurich, Emilio Miranda, Sebastian Pantoja, Ronald Pinnick, and Aidan Walsh. This years Ms. J is Kiara Brown followed by first place runner up Lauryn Luangsomkham and second place runner up Callista Cromwell. The other finalist for Ms. J consists of Sydni Smith, Kora Bernhard, Micaela Delgado, Destiny Jackson, Ruth Pina, Hannah Rausch, and Jaiden Towry. “Even though two people take the title, all participants are winners.” Spoken true by this year’s Mr. and Ms. J sponsor Dina Zmuda. The JTC Journal would like to congratulate all the participating finalist and hopes you keep your JTHS experience close at heart!