Homecoming Assembly 2019

Joana Contreras, Reporter

Homecoming is a week-long celebration that only comes around once a year. To end this

week of pep and school spirit, the school hosts a fall sports homecoming assembly. Where all

students are able to join together and cheer each other on! Smells like school spirit huh? When

all students are finally seated, it is when the fun really begins. It begins by introducing all fall

sports teams by parading them into the gym, each team is announced, followed by the cheers and hoorays from their peers.

Not long after that, the JROTC Honor Guard lines up and raises their polished swords to

honor this year’s chosen homecoming courts. Nobody could contain their cheers as the courts

finally made their appearance. Though, I don’t think anyone was really prepared for when the

school’s homecoming king and queen walked through the doors. Embellished with crowns and

robes, the duo proudly made their appearance. Once again, all fall sports teams were called up to recognize the seniors that put much effort and practice into their work. The work seemed to pay off when they happily embraced their teammates.

Throughout the assembly though, a game of musical chairs was played to bring out the

giggles and laughs from the crowd. The Steelman Poms performed their outstanding routine,

somehow making elaborate jumps and kicks seem effortless and fun. Then the cheerleading team danced their hearts away and brought a whole new meaning of sass to the floor. The crowd was not afraid to hold back their laughs when the dude squad performed their astonishing routine.

The cheers and applause echoed throughout the gym, even a few whistles were heard here and

there. Soon, as everything does, the assembly came to an end, but there was still more to

anticipate as Saturday would only bring even more festivities and opportunities.