New Bus Stop-Arm Cameras

Sam Portis

Joliet Township High School buses are now equipped with high definition cameras to seize the image of vehicles illegally passing buses while stop arms are out.

Stop Arm cameras are the most effective and convenient means to prevent student fatalities from illegal passing. A sensor installed directly below the stop-arm will trigger an alarm on the video recording each time it senses a vehicle passing the stopped bus illegally. Once the bus is back at its yard the video that is marked as a violation will then download when connected to WIFI and is ready to be reviewed and sent to law enforcement. Since stop-arm cameras have been installed in multiple states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, and Mississippi. There has‍ been a decrease in the number of student traumas because of the Stop-Arm camera installments.

Furthermore, I have previously observed vehicles purposely passing buses before the Stop-Arm cameras were even placed on the buses. Now since having the Stop-Arm cameras, people are now aware that they are being recorded for illegally passing a bus. I have personally noticed a significant decrease in the number of people illegally passing buses. Stop-Arm cameras are the key to safety in catching those who violate the right of protection for children when trying to reach their home. When children cannot reach their home just from getting off the bus it is heartbreaking, and no one deserves the heartache of losing a child from a careless driver. Stop-Arm cameras are live savers and are currently being used nationwide to all school districts to reduce the fatalities of children.