Powder Puff 2019

Rodrigo Perez, Reporter

Who said girls couldn’t play football? Not here at Joliet central. Powderpuff is an annual event held at central where the Juniors and Seniors face each other in a flag-football style game for glory and bragging rights. Powderpuff is played at the Steelmen stadium with teachers, staff, and administrators coming to watch this special event. Both teams had many morning practices to get to know their teammates and to work out some plays before the big day. On Wednesday, the second of October, it was cloudy and cold but not as cold as the players ready to risk everything to win. Everything that they had worked on would be put on display for all of Joliet to witness. The game started with great excitement brought from the band and the dude squad as well as the hyped players ready to perform. During the first quarter, the Seniors opened the game with a touchdown and converted for two. By the end of the first quarter, the seniors were leading 8-0. The second quarter started with the juniors catching up with a touchdown and a two-point conversion, and just as the game was wrapping up half time the Juniors made a great run to put themselves above the Seniors. We reached half time and the Juniors were leading 8-14. By the third quarter, the Juniors were optimistic now that they had the lead, and the Seniors were hoping for the comeback. By the end of the game, the Juniors then score another touchdown and make a two-point conversion and the seniors score two touchdowns but just miss the conversions. In the end, the Juniors won the match, 20-22, just outplaying the Seniors by two points. Great job Juniors and Seniors and good luck next year.