How E-Learning has Changed from Spring to Fall

Karla Aguirre

An extra week of spring break is what we all thought this was going to be.  What we did not know is that this would be our new “norm”. Coronavirus led to the shutdown of schools all across the country. Due to this we were introduced to “E-learning”. Many of us including myself did not really take it seriously. The freedom of being able to do work from home at whatever time we wanted led to pushing aside all assignments. Procrastination at its finest, e-learning wasn’t really enforced as much. We were told to log in for “attendance” once a day, but we did not actually have to be “in class’ for each period. Also, we were told our grades wouldn’t be affected if we did not do the work, so of course like any highschooler would think  this made it seem like school was completely over and e-learning was just a choice and not mandatory education. Things completely changed this starting fall semester for e-learning.  We now have to use infinite campus to check out grades, assignments, attendance, and etc. Checking in for attendance for every period is now mandatory or else you will be marked absent for the day. Zoom calls are also mandatory now and it’s the number one way of communication students have to their teachers. Assignments are actually worth grades now and impact your gpa. E-learning is now the new norm and basically works as if we were still in school physically except the physical part. Students now take it more seriously than when we were first introduced to it back in March.  It’s still hard getting used to virtual learning, doing zoom calls and not being in a classroom.  With there being technical problems, it adds on to the difficulties students and teachers have to deal with already with virtual learning.  Wifi can stop working at any time which has been a big problem for students and teachers who lose connection during class time. Sadly, we have to work with e-learning, but the faculty has been trying it’s best to improve the way of learning for students and teachers, while we all go through the changes of this pandemic.  During this whole situation the school is thankful that everyone is working together to make the best of this school year.