Preserving Social Health and Contentment

Vanessa Elizondo

Maintaining social health and happiness drastically affects our lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Generally, monitoring our social wellness is known to help our lives and mindset.  Moreover, observing our social wellness can reinforce friendships, cherished relationships, professional connections, and social interactions.  In order to overcome a situation with yourself or with another, which can help maintain a healthy and happy environment and an outcome, is by knowing where and how to start. 

Whether the situation is happening between you and yourself, you’d have to provide your basic needs to stay healthy.  Therefore, bathe, rest, eat healthy, reduce stress level, exercise regularly, and avoid negative contact with anyone and anything.  You’d need to know yourself and your needs to overcome certain situations causing you to feel heavy emotions.  What will you do for yourself when you’re infuriated, upset, or possibly depressed?  You have to be prepared when you begin to experience these emotions.  So you can positively learn and move on from that point in life, especially since that experience won’t be the last. 

In other circumstances, there will be times where another person is involved.  Now, this scenario is indeed difficult to handle, but not impossible to defeat.  To start off with, you need to surround yourself with positive people, people who will support, understand, respect, and see the same interest as you.  Why’s that?  For example:  If you tend to force a friendship or relationship that doesn’t seem to connect, negatively, it’ll fall apart dramatically.  Your partner or friend simply wants to sit back, not have a career, give up on opportunities, don’t motivate you, and are unhealthy.  For instance, use of drugs or alcohol, etc.  That is an unhealthy bond, a bond that will not meet eye to eye without extreme measures of effort.  Sadly, there will be times when someone doesn’t try as hard as you do. Those are loud red flags, you need to separate yourself from that relationship or friendship, calmly.

Although, there are some people who will indeed put in work for you, which you also must do as well. You’ll see great outcomes when you learn and understand how to handle arguments, situations, and properly know how to communicate. These strategies will give you a happy and healthy environment with yourself and others. All it takes is for you to know who you are, because everything you’re questioning and working for, all comes back to you.