Schedule Updates

Kayla Kursell

I am sure many of us wish we were at school so we could be taught in person, but during this time we  have to be taught online.  With being online it’s easy for us to get confused on what classes we are supposed to be in or what time they start and end.  Due to this we have to make sure we check up on our schedules, just to make sure it is indeed a forty five minute class and not a thirty minute class.  Be sure to also keep in mind that the days we have thirty minute classes we have a ten minute break and on forty five minute days we only have a five minute break.  If you are unsure of what your schedule is you can check it on infinite campus.  It will give you your exact schedule, just make sure you are looking at the right day. Other things we have to watch are days we have off.  You also want to make sure how long the classes are for that following day.  For example when we had Monday off, Tuesday then became a thirty minute class and Friday was a forty five minute class.  If you are confused about what days are off or what the schedule is for the week, do not be afraid to email a teacher, ask your guardian, or ask a friend.  Sometimes emails don’t go through or maybe your teachers forgot to inform you about it, but your parents or friend may have received that information.  Keep in mind that sending an email would probably be the better way to go about communicating, but you may not get an instant reply.  Overall, just become knowledgeable of what all is happening throughout the week and be sure to check your schedule every now and then for a better understanding.