Polar Bear Endangerment to Extinction

Maria Magourik

It is estimated that there are 22,000-31,000 polar bears left in the world.  Over the years there have been less and less polar bears and the ability to have cubs has decreased.  Due to global warming the polar bears ice is shrinking and it is said “wherever the ice goes the polar bears go.”  Some polar bears are using 60% of their energy to catch seals and others are using more energy than they can consume to catch their food. The polar bears need ice to hunt seals and that makes up 95% of their diet, but ice has been decreasing by 14% each decade because of global warming.  Since their ice is melting polar bears have to search farther and farther to hunt and catch their food and find ice and the farther they travel the more weight they lose.  Studies predict that by 2100 or the end of the decade polar bears will be extinct and will be wiped out.  Another thing that is endangering polar bears is arctic drilling in which they drill for oil.  There is a petition on the website Change.org that you can sign a petition to withdraw the plans of arctic drillings and the petition needs 200,000 signatures.  If the polar bears consume oil by grooming or contaminated prey the polar bears could become poisoned and if the oil is ingested it can cause liver and kidney damage.  The bears can also be poisoned by a limited amount of oil on their fur.  Oil getting on the polar bears fur can also reduce the insulating effect on the bears fur and they would then have to use more energy to keep themselves warm.  Things we can do to stop arctic drilling is sign a petition on arctic drilling.  Ways we can stop global warming and start helping the polar bears are, plant trees, lower our heating bills, buy better light bulbs, power our homes with renewable energy, drive fuel efficient vehicles, unplug things in our houses that we are not using and are just wasting energy and lastly we can convince our friends to behave sustainably and many other ways.