The COVID Vaccine

Kayla Kursell

Keep in mind while reading this that the information that will be presented will be up to date and that there is more information being published everyday.  Even though I will be going over some main points about the vaccine for more up to date information be sure to go further into research.  With that being stated a few quick facts that there is to know about the vaccination.  The vaccine is a top priority at the moment and is trying to be pushed out to the public, however with the limited supply they are prioritizing certain careers that are essential to citizens.  This would include mostly all health workers and people whose jobs require in person contact.  It was mentioned earlier how there is a limited supply as of now but there’s no need to worry because as time goes on the supply will rise and the number of cases will lower. Currently the vaccine has a requirement of 2 doses with a 3-4 week break between the first shot.  You may experience some side effects and that is fairly common considering your body is adjusting and building protection from this virus. You can see similarities between the flu shot and the covid vaccine.  The covid vaccine has been pretty consistent and holds up to the fact that numbers have dropped since the vaccination was released.  Worrying about the cost shouldn’t stand in your way to get the shot since it is a hundred percent free.  Now even though cost may not be a problem please do further research to see if the vaccination is right for you.  So please be sure to know the facts so you can stay safe.