Homecoming Dance


Homecoming is a semi-formal dance where you can meet up with your friends, dance, dress up, and much more. It’s definitely a huge event in high school, even having students vote for who they want as Homecoming Court. Although no boys ran, Saniya Sherrod led the freshman court. Jorge Robles and Sofia Bedolla won as sophomores on the court. Moving onto our prince and princess, Daniel Gallardo and Sa’Nyia Love. Last but not least, our king and queen, Adan Escobedo and Daniela Diaz. Congrats to everyone! Compared to the previous homecomings, Joliet Central decided to do something new: a Homecoming Dance outside on the roundabout. As the day was soon turning dark, you could see the beautiful decorations as the lights beamed all around us. This year’s theme was “Where your fairytale begins”, and you can definitely see that upon arrival. The flowers, the lights, the tents, the taco truck, the DJ, everything about this year’s Homecoming was great. The night was clear and cool, you could hear the loud music, and see all the students and staff dancing. The flattering dresses and suits were definitely attention-grabbers. Everyone looked amazing! Students enjoyed the night by either dancing, talking to their friends, or spending time with their significant other. It was such a special night for everyone making it a fairytale to remember.