Light Up The Holidays

Natalee Urbasek

The holidays are just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with a parade? The Downtown Holiday Parade brings the community together to celebrate the joy of the holidays. It really is a beautiful sight, with floats filling the streets, trees on the sidewalks are decorated with festive lights, children leaning against the barricades to get a closer look at each group in the parade. And like every year, our Joliet Central Band marched the streets to perform and show off school spirit! Instruments were covered in decorative lights, some band members even wearing red and white striped hats to get more in the spirit. It was a cold day, but that didn’t stop the band from marching down Chicago St to spread cheer. The band had been practicing so long, eager to show off their skills and represent Joliet Central. Steelmen came to the streets and showed the Central Band the support they deserved. Their music flowed through the air like a beautiful melody. Each synchronized step demonstrating dignity, each note ringing through the crowd’s ears. The Band would turn the corner and would be greeted with joyful cheers and applause. Performing holiday songs and, of course, the Central fight song. What an amazing performance to put everyone in the spirit of the holidays! It was truly a night to remember.