Covid-19 Updated Version

Heaven Smith

As we all know the virus started off as one strand. With the first COVID-19 case being discovered on January 20, 2020 and spreading rapidly. As far as we know of the virus other variants came out such as delta, omicron, and alpha. Although there are more strands they have came out with a shoot booster that can help you fight against the virus if you ever caught. Although it isn’t a cure, it does help.  The state mandate and school mandate to wear mask was temporarily lifted. It causes several parents to file lawsuits against the school because of their children contracting the virus. Also because they felt like the proper precautions were not being taking into consideration. It also caused some parents to remove their children from school and having them go back to remote learning. After that happen the judge just ruled to have mask mandate dropped but still take the proper precautions. At first no one wanted to wear a mask and it felt weird. Now that the mandate to wear mask are being lift people want to keep them on. Ironic, isn’t it? With everything that is going on COVID-19 cases have dropped in its number ranking. They aren’t as high as they use to be because people learned that COVID-19 is transferred by physical interactions with someone who has the virus. That’s why It’s believed by many that they lifted the mandate and also because parents were suing the school because their children with disabilities were being affected by masks. Most of this information I’ve presented is from CDC Gov, and more information on this topic will be presented on there if you’re intrested.