Homecoming Parade


Brandon Perez

The Homecoming Parade is an annual parade that happens every year weeks after school starts to welcome back new and former students. This new school year, every year, many clubs and activities come together and celebrate homecoming. Students are invited to participate if their clubs participate in the parade. The parade started at 9:30 on Herkimer Street then it moves north towards E. Jackson Street then it took a left on Jackson Street and moved west towards Chicago Street then it turns left and moved South towards Jefferson Street then it makes one last left and moves east towards Collins Street and then it continues that street until it returns to Joliet Central. Throughout the way, students threw candy at the participants of the parade and the people in the parade cheered chants giving the parade a fun atmosphere for people to be in.

Overall, the parade is an experience you can have in parade or outside the parade, but it is something that is very fun in general because it gives students a chance to see what clubs and activities are at Joliet Central, and it gives students a welcome back to school in a positive and fun way that might get them ready for next this year. Happy Homecoming Everyone!