Community Service


Amya Casillas

Community service is volunteer work done by a group or organization that has an end goal of a betterment of their local society. With schools and clubs that require community service hours, community service opportunities are more accessible than ever, especially with technology. Here at JTHS the community service requirement to graduate is only 40 hours that can be done by volunteering at numerous locations for a variety of reasons. Examples of volunteer organizations are the food bank where you can help organize canned goods for the unfortunate, animal shelters where you can take care of animals and get people to adopt them at adoption events, the YMCA where you can be a junior counselor and help organize games, sports, and activities, and red cross where you can aid people at blood drives and so many more. Just look up community service near me and the opportunities are endless. Although the class of 2023’s community service requirement was waived by the governor there are multiple scholarships that you can apply to specifically for the vast amount of community service hours you have completed. Community service has also been proven to benefit students as well. Benefits include improvement of mental health and well-being, creating social skills, building a community, gaining real-world experience, bolstering your college resume, and expanding your perspective. So go complete some community service today to help better your local community and yourself while completing your community service requirements all at once.