Black Friday 2022: A chaotic event


Jocelyn Mora

Now we all know November might be one of the best school months for students and families. But why? First of all, many get a break from school to stuff up on food, and relax without having to worry about any homework to do. Secondly, this is when family reunions take place for those who attend out of state college or university, work across the world, or for families who work 2 jobs to keep a roof above their heads. Lastly, what attracts everyone are those Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday. Most people who participate in this chaotic event are usually people who are planning on purchasing items at a lower price or trying to find a good deal, that includes home items, electronics, clothes, games and toys. As of right now, Amazon has hosted their 78% off vacuums, now let’s think about it, if we have a vacuum cleaner of 355.98 and are given 78% off that gives us our total of  277.66 dollars, what a steal!

Let’s talk about more of these amazing deals. Many want to get their hands on consoles, iphones, and tv’s, and honestly I wouldn’t blame them, but what are the defects of trying to get the best deals first? Waking up early may be worth it to some but what about the chaos that happens in store. Possible fights breaking down because people can’t decide on who grabbed or touched a box first, despite this defect, the world is constantly advancing, technology has a hold on many of us. In other words, many may get their deals online rather than going to line up and risking their life. Let’s see what happens this year, is it gonna be the same as always or a change in time?