Steelmen Showcase

Brandon Perez

The Steelmen Showcase is an event in which students who are in their last year of middle school are invited to Joliet Central to explore the different classes, sports, and clubs the school offers. This event is highly recommended for students who are about to enter high school because it gives them an insight into what they are getting into next year.

Volunteers came at 5:00 p.m. to help set up for the event and to get everything ready for the guests, then the doors officially opened at 6:00 p.m., and the event was filled with people looking at all the classes, clubs, and sports the school offered. Tables were set up for courses like engineering, architecture, ROTC, food fundamentals, and many more. In the Atrium, there were tables for sports such as football, softball, and many other sports that the school offers. 

Many people liked that the school did a showcase for students in middle school because it provided them with an opportunity to see which classes they can take or see which career they want to pursue in the future. Another thing that people liked was that they got to know the school more and interact with the students who are in that class so they can share their experiences with the class and get an overall better understanding of what classes they are interested in. Overall, this showcase was very beneficial for middle school students to get to choose their classes.