The Joliet Tree Light-Up


Monserath Salgado

The Joliet tree light-up was a special night in which people gather around with friends and family to observe the tree being lightened up for the very first time in a year. On a cold afternoon, the city of Joliet was quiet and somber as people gathered around and waited for this event to happen soon. However, the absence of light soon came to an end as the outdoor area became full of life with its vibrant colors. 

From the moment the tree was lit up, it became such a magical moment for everyone who attended. Mostly everyone received a strong pleasure and joy when experiencing this once-a-year moment. As the lights made the ornaments shine bright, many people were amazed by seeing such a beautiful thing. The decorations brought everyone, including myself, a nostalgic feeling, it made people reflect on simpler and happier times in their lives.

 In the end, people were examining every detail of the tree, because who wouldn’t want to admire it? The best part of this event was seeing other people’s reactions because it showed how special it was for them to see the tree light up once again. Even little kids were enjoying themselves, watching the tree with adorable expressions on their faces. Overall, this was a fun and extraordinary experience for everyone who attended and would recommend it to everyone.