MLK Day of Service

The MLK Day of Service event took place at Joliet Central. The purpose of this event was to help those in need, create a good change within the community, and inspire others to participate in future events. At 8:30, guests began to get ready for the event, but before that, they were free to grab breakfast as well as other treats. After breakfast, guests were greeted by Kristine Schlismann in which she thanked everyone for coming in to volunteer and thanked those who gave their own time to help the community.

Guests were given many activities that they could participate in. One of those activities included making handmade Valentine’s Day cards for troops who were deployed. There were also several opportunities to help outside the community like helping in the Joliet Museum with organization or project linus which made blankets for people who needed them the most. At noon, the volunteers came back for lunch and were greeted with a pleasant surprise. There was music playing in the background and many people were dancing and enjoying themselves in this delightful day. Once the event was over, the volunteers who helped were given certificates for their help and students were given community service hours.

Overall, this event was remarkable because it brought the whole community together to help people in need and to make it a day on and not a day off.