Spring Assembly

Laylah Moore

The assembly kicked off with the Joliet Central choir performing the national anthem, accompanied by the color guard presenting the flags. Then all clubs and sports teams were introduced individually as each organization held up a poster the group made. The last sport to be announced was the Joliet steelettes dance team. After being introduced, they were called to perform an outstanding routine on the court. After making a couple of announcements, a teacher vs. students dodgeball game was played. 

Hearing the crowd scream for the students to win, with 4 minutes on the clock. The students won 2-0. After taking part in the beating that the students gave him, our very own principal Mr. Hallihan and assistant principal Mr. Locke were pulled to the center of the court to be pied in the face by the co-presidents of the student council (Holly Salazar-Ramirez and Monzerrath Bibiam) after earning over 200 dollars from the fundraiser held earlier in the year. 

After the crowd calmed down from the pie-facing, the announcer called our cheerleading team full of teachers to the court to give us an unforgettable show. The cheerleaders did many Tiktok dances before moving into two huge kicklines and giving it their all. Flags were twirled and thrown around in the air, and teachers were doing toe-touches and splits. 

To end this memorable assembly, the announcers decided to have a battle of the grades. The competition involved challenging each grade to see who can scream the loudest. Congratulations to the class of 2025 for being the loudest in the school! They showed out to represent their class. The assembly was something you had to be there to experience. We got to honor and say goodbye to our seniors who ran so that the ones behind them could walk.