Earth Day


Rebecca Varela

During spring, there are not many holidays besides Mother’s and Father’s Day. Unfortunately, Earth Day is often forgotten. Earth Day is a day to honor and protect our planet. Some schools celebrate by doing Earth-related projects, while others participate in activities such as picking up trash and recycling plastic items. The first Earth Day was hosted on April 22, 1970, to raise awareness of the need to protect our planet’s resources. 

In 2023, Earth Day is focused on promoting investment in our planet. This year’s theme was inspired by the recent approval of the Willow project, which involves an oil drill that will generate significant amounts of CO2, leading to an increase in temperature in the Atlantic Ocean. This temperature change may have a devastating impact on the animals that rely on cold weather, potentially causing their extinction. Consequently, many individuals have expressed concern about the welfare of these creatures and are working to raise awareness about the current state of the world. 

This year, it is important to consider how we use land and find ways to give back to the Earth. Here are some ways to do so. To begin recycling, consider identifying items that are commonly discarded but could be recycled, like plastic bags, milk cartons, and old jeans that are no longer worn. Recycling can help a lot with making one thing turn into another. For example, Aeropostale makes some of its jena from recycled material such as plastic water bottles. So don’t forget to give back to Earth.