Powderpuff 2016


Julie Zamudio, Reporter

Football. Something many enjoy watching or playing. But as we know it’s mainly a male dominant sport. Well, not all the time. Here at Joliet Central High school, we Steelmen have a team for junior and senior females. The girls are able to try out and play flag football against each other for one night only. Powderpuff isn’t just a game of tag or capture the flag, powderpuff is actually a very intense game that these girls take time a dedication to make sure they win. On September 14th 2016, students, family, and even staff were at the edge of their seats in anticipation and excitement. The first touchdown was made by senior Karla Contreras, which had the seniors cheering with excitement. Seniors’ flags were being ripped off as the juniors fought hard for the ball back. When the game reached half time, fans were entertained with none other than the popular Dude Squad. The guys had the crowd cheering with their funny but impressive dance moves. Although the juniors lost the game, they left the field with a smile on their faces, knowing they gave it their all. And as for the Seniors, well they left victorious, winning 12-6. As the seniors posed with the trophy, I took the chance to interview one of the Seniors, number 25 Giselle Guzman asking her how it felt to win. Her response was “It was all excitement and somewhat emotional as I realized this is my last year at Joliet Central High School.” Another question I asked her was how she felt during the game. She replied with “I felt super nervous. I thought I was going to mess up and I felt noxious.” The final question I asked her was what was her motivation to keep pushing forward. She responded with “I always felt so tired during practice but also felt kind of happy. Each day I would get so excited for game day but then the excitement would change to nerves.” Our Senior MVP’s were Tylena Hood for offense, Abby Augustine for defense, and Paola Espinoza for special teammate. Our Junior offensive MVP was Maritza Ochoa, Violeta Thompson for defense, and Abby Tropp for special teammate.