Girls on Football


Everybody always says “Girls can do anything guys can do.” But how many girls are actually going out there and proving it? Our two brave girls on the football team are definitely getting that message out there loud and clear! Sophomores Reonah Epting (inside linebacker) and Destiny Medrano (outside linebacker) take to the field every day striving to get better. If you think these girls have it easy out there you’re wrong. “They treat me like one of the guys” both girls stated. One reason many girls may veer off from joining a boys’ team like football, is their fear of being teased or pushed around about being the minority, but Reonah says differently,” I feel like I’m supposed to be there and I’m wanted on the team.” Anyone who doesn’t believe in these girls on the field may need to take a step back and re-evaluate. When asked about their favorite part of football they unanimously replied with their desire to hit people and take all of their aggression out on the field. As with any athlete, not everything is always perfect. Reonah tells us that her biggest obstacle is always knowing what is going on with such a complicated sport and getting playing time, and that her goal is to improve through the years because she could see herself playing in college one day. Being her inspiration in this sport, Reonah’s older brother James Epting says, “I feel like she can play just as good as any of the guys because she’s not scared of contact like some of the them, and if she was just a little bit stronger and faster, she’d be playing more. So this off season when she’s in the weight room that is what she will be working towards.” Destiny’s focus is to block out the negativity and prove to people that she is good enough to play football regardless of her gender. “My grandpa was one of the first people I mentioned playing football to and he was super supportive, a few months later he passed away and I continue playing because he believed in me.” Not only do these girls have pride in their school and their team, but they have pride in themselves, which is key to being a good athlete in any sport. Destiny is proud of having her first few tackles in the first game vs. Oswego. This game for her was setting the bar high and she is ready to continue knocking these boys down for the rest of the season. Reonah is proud of her perseverance. “I thought about giving up because we weren’t getting the playing time we deserved, but I didn’t quit. I kept pushing and working harder and now my hard work is paying off. The most important thing that Reonah wants to make clear is that you should always push your fears aside when doing something you enjoy doing, and believe in yourself. As for Destiny, she warns, “these boys are very serious so don’t waste anyone’s time if you aren’t going to put in the work.”