Girls XC 2016


Cross country is running through many students’ minds this season. What is Cross Country? It is a long distance running sport. It requires a good pace while running, stamina, heart and courage. Not many people are able to endure the weather conditions and distance. The cross country girls have practice almost every day. They run all over downtown Joliet and surrounding areas and also have bus days where they run on trails. They also have team building days, where the girls have to work together to complete a task such as scavenger hunts. I interviewed varsity cross country runner Sheila Corona. Sheila has been on the cross country team for three years and she also ran in middle school as well. Her fastest time for three miles is 20.50. Sheila says she stretches for an hour as a team before they run and then she runs for an hour. Sheila first joined cross country because she was inspired by her sister and feels she has gotten better since then. She has been on the varsity team for two years and when asked what her reaction would be if she were to make state she said, “I would cry of tears of joy”. Sheila is a dedicated runner and will do whatever she can to become an even better runner.
Overall, all of the cross country girls are hard workers and are dedicated to the team. They practice very intently to get better for meets and try to beat their times. They are all supportive of each other and most importantly, they have fun.