Pink Heals


Anais Reyes, Reporter

The annual Pink Heals volleyball game was held at Joliet Central this year on Oct. 18th. In honor of the Pink Heals volleyball game, the Joliet Central High Schools’ gymnasium was decorated in pink and white ribbons and balloons. This year the Joliet Township schools raised over $10,000 and, sold a little over 1,400 T-shirts. The money that was raised will go towards the Pink Heals charity Chapter foundation and will also be given to JTHS employees who are currently fighting this terrible disease. Many families, students, and athletes came out and filled the gymnasium to show their support tonight wearing their Pink Heals T-shirts. The Joliet Central varsity coach Vivian Pritz gave her input on what Pink Heals means not only to JTHS students but also to staff members. “Pink Heals for our team has been such a great experience for our players. They get the opportunity to make a difference in the community in ways that as an individual is extremely hard.” The Pink Heals volleyball is a great way to support the people in our community fighting breast cancer. “Our Pink Heals match against West is something this program holds near to their heart. Two great schools get to bond together for a great cause.” (Vivian Pritz) The Joliet Central Vs Joliet West game is a great and exciting way to raise money for a charity helping men and women fight breast cancer. Both schools did an amazing job and will continue to support the Pink Heals Chapter in the future.