Pink Heals


Jocelyn Montesinos

Joliet Central and West’s volleyball teams came head to head on the court on October 5th, 2021 for the annual Pink Heals event. Pink Heals focuses on raising money and awareness for cancer with a competitive, but healthy volleyball game. The overall money raised has not been determined just yet but we know over $2,000 was raised. All the donations that were made will go directly to helping cancer patients. The event was held at Central High School. The crowd was loud and supportive for our teams. Our night started when the freshman teams’ game with Central taking the victory.  JV put their best effort and attitude towards the game. Although they did not win, they were all still cheering and smiling. The crowd applauded for the local survivors as they walked around. The tension rises as the varsity game started. With the score of 23-25, West took the win. Every team worked hard and helped make this a fun event for everyone. The Steelman players did an outstanding job on the court. The event continued with raffle prizes brought from families and local businesses who also made many donations. As the night was ending, head coach Matt Butnariu, awarded the whole volleyball team with some delicious Chick-Fil-A. “Organizing the event was a bit hectic at first with it being my first time being a part of it. As time went on, I had people guide me in the right direction and Jonathan Pereiro (AD) was a huge help. I was happy to be able to finally get things together to benefit a good cause” he said. Overall, it was a fun and exciting night. This night was to not only recognize those survivors, but to also remember those who didn’t make it. We thank every single person who came and supported this amazing event.