College Football Playoffs Prediction

Joey Jagodzinski

The college football playoffs consist of four of the best college teams. The playoffs start with the first seed and the fourth seed playing against each other. While the second and third seed play each other. These games are high stakes and give people a way to see future players who will play in the NFL. When watching college football you are able to tell who has the most well rounded team and who has some holes in their systems. 

Georgia who is the number one seed have had one of the best seasons they have seen since  2017 where they lost in the playoffs to Alabama. This year Georgia has one if not the best defenses in College Football. Alabama, who are widely viewed as the best college football team every year, is the second seed. Alabama has surprised many fans by losing to unranked Texas A&M in week nine on a last second field goal, this has not stopped them from showing why they belong in the playoffs. Oregon has proved themselves to be the third seed by beating Ohio State 35-28 in week two. Although impressive they would go on to lose in week five to unranked Stanford in overtime. This leaves the fourth seed which is Ohio State who have shown they can make the playoffs several times over. Ohio State has had one  of the best offenses in college football by averaging over 532 yards of total offense and 352 passing yards and 189 rushing yards per game. 

The prediction I have for the College Football Playoffs is that it will be Georgia and Alabama in the final. Georgia will beat Ohio State in a matchup everyone will be asking for. The best offense (Ohio State) and the best defense (Georgia) will battle but in the end Georgia’s defense will be too much for Ohio State to handle. Alabama will beat Oregan in a game full of hard fought grit from both teams but Alabama’s unwillingness to lose will push them to the final. In the final Georgia will beat Alabama with their outstanding defense and drive to win in one of the most entertaining College Football games. 

The College Playoffs are one of the most viewed sports in the U.S. and are very fun to watch no matter the team. This year’s playoffs will give viewers three of the best possible games, offense vs. defense, underdog vs. favorites, and two of the best college football teams. No matter who you want to win, this will be the one of the most entertaining playoffs to watch in recent years.