JV Boys Bowling

Verin Chavez

With the new sports season starting, more exciting activities are popping up. One of the winter sports in Joliet Central is Boy’s Bowling. The tryouts were from October 28th through the 31st, the official players having practice every day of the following week. Starting November 8th, the teams had games over the course of three days, one home game and two away games. 

The highest score bowled on Monday by the Boy’s Junior Varsity team was an impressive 152, the second highest being 115. The boys played against Oswego East High School, each game running anywhere from 15-30 minutes. A total of three games were played, with every player having the chance to bowl. 

The Junior Varsity team competed in a game on Tuesday against Bolingbrook High School, which was the first away game of the season. The team is said to have good chemistry and sportsmanship, being composed of around 10 players. Training is quite easy for the team, but different alleys can prove to be a small challenge for them. 

Finally on Wednesday, the boys bowling team played against Plainfield South High School in their second away game. The highest scores bowled for the Junior Varsity team were 150, 136, and a very close score of 135. The team takes the scores very seriously, the overall score having the most effect on how good of a time they had.