NFL Playoffs


Joey Jagodzinski

The NFL Playoffs is the number one sport to watch in the United States. Every year the playoffs start in early January and end early February. The NFL recently changed the format of the playoffs by changing the total number of teams from 12 to 14. This ultimately has led to their being many more underdogs and favorites. 

This year’s playoffs have been the most evenly matched playoffs ever. Of the 14 games five games have been decided on a field goal. The Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams will play each other in the Super Bowl. The Bengals are a very unexpected team to make the Super Bowl because they beat the number one Tennessee Titans with a score of 19-16. They would then go on to beat the number two seed Kansas City Chiefs with a score of 27-24 in overtime. The Los Angeles Rams are the favorites and have steamrolled to the Super Bowl by beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a score of 30-27 and also beat The San Francisco 49ers by a score of 20-17. This year’s Super Bowl is full of firsts. Rams QB Matthew Stafford is playing in his first Super Bowl in his 13 year career. While Bengals QB Joe Burrow is the first QB in NFL history to make it to a Super Bowl in their second year of playing. 

This year’s Super Bowl will be very interesting because we have a super team in the Rams and a young and very driven team in the Bengals. With everything considered I feel the Bengals will win on a walk off field goal to win the game. The Rams will struggle with the plays the Bengals run but the Bengals defense will be tested and may even crack under the offensive powerhouse of the Rams. All in all this year’s Super Bowl looks to be shaping up to be a must watch occasion.