Football History

Carolina Hernandez

Today we will be discussing the Joliet Central Highschool’s football team and their excessive amount of losses. The Joliet Central football team has been funded quite a bit of money, and they have used that money to help the team. Even so, with that extra money they still can not win a single game.  It has been a couple of years since the last time they have successfully won a game. Everyone has been awfully impressed with how terrible they are, as individuals the young men and women play outstandingly. Although the team as a whole, just cannot seem to pull it together. As more time goes on we can all tell they work hard and are truly trying to win.

Many people have been quite disappointed, the first game of the school year Christian Smith was the only one to score any touchdowns. Since that first game tons of people had set their expectations higher. Every time they set them higher the football team gives them another reason to lower them. The students from Joliet Central go to each game and show their school spirit and support. Whether the team loses each game or by any chance wins this year, which is unlikely.. On the bright side the school offers concessions which consist of hot dogs, nachos, candy, beverages and more. We all support and love our losing football team, all that matters is that they all have a wonderful time playing as their friends and family watch them lose.